Tustin Station Transportation Center

"The Griffin team established strong partnerships with project stakeholders and this proved to be instrumental to completing the project ahead of schedule and under budget."

Jim Beil, Executive Director, Capital Programs, Orange County Transportation Authority

To provide parking for increased ridership at the Tustin Station, Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) determined that it was time to build a structured parking facility. In addition to Vehicular/Transit/Pedestrian flow, site utility and fire access considerations, the City of Tustin was looking for a solution that assists transit riders in finding the somewhat hidden location. They were also looking for an approach to maximizing sustainability and an above-and-beyond analysis of minimizing maintenance and project costs.

Griffin Structures, Inc. provided construction management for the 247,600-square-foot, 825 stall, five-level Metrolink Parking Structure that features a unique, segregated drive aisle, which expedites entering and exiting the site, as well as a distinct “kiss & ride” area; ample bus dock section; and designated pedestrian paths. The on-grade parking on the backside of the structure provides valuable parking stalls while at the same time preventing the necessity and cost of relocating utilities. Additionally, on-grade parking is located next to the track, which doubles as a fire lane. To provide way finding for transit riders accessing the station from Jamboree Road, the site includes a second tower, which also provides a grounding sense of symmetry. Embracing sustainability, the design incorporates LED lighting, drought resistant landscaping and a solar option that provides enough energy to power the structure’s lighting and elevators. Each of these measures also substantially reduces maintenance costs. The design team also evaluated cost offsetting measures, such as outdoor advertising space, leasing coffee and snack kiosks, and providing a location for a cell phone tower.


Photo Credit: RMA Architectural Photography

Tustin Station Transportation Center