MidPen Housing, Shirley Chisholm Village

San Francisco’s first housing complex for educators will provide SFUSD educator households with a high-quality development of 130 rental units featuring a mix of bedroom sizes

Griffin is serving as Construction Manager for ​MidPen Housing as it develops an innovative, affordable workforce housing project for San Francisco educators.

As a solution to San Francisco’s educator shortage, the City is contributing $44 million to build affordable educator housing in an effort to assist San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) in retaining and attracting educators. The project serves as a model for how cities and school districts can work together to address affordable housing for teachers.

Located on a SFUSD-owned site, the project–the City’s first housing complex for educators–will feature 130 rental units with a mix of bedroom sizes and a variety of resident amenities and services. Units will be affordable to low, moderate, and middle-income SFUSD teachers, para-educators and their families. The project was planned with through robust community engagement efforts and is designed to preserve and enhance the existing neighborhood character.

Renderings: BAR Architects

MidPen Housing, Shirley Chisholm Village