Yorba Linda Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground is a year-round destination where children can enjoy adventure inspired park’s amenities whenever they please.

As the home of the City’s most popular recreation program for the past 37 years, the City of Yorba Linda invested over $7 million to give new life for the next generation.

This renovation elevates the unique spirit of freedom and creative play that makes Adventure Playground special while preserving the park’s “get your hands dirty” character. The project includes several exciting amenities: an updated multi-use/whiffle ball field, zip line, fort building area, and brand new additions like a large natural-looking splash-pad, a double water slide, a large playground with elevated catwalks, and more.

The City will also continue to host summer camps on site where kids can experience the same kinds of fun that many of their parents remember.


Yorba Linda Adventure Playground