Linc Housing, Willow Way

"We are proud to address this need and work with Linc Housing on the Willow Way development to help bring more housing to the area."

Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA)

Griffin Structures is currently assisting Linc Housing for the construction of a 39-room, 4-story affordable housing development. This is Griffin Structures’ second project with Linc Housing and we are thrilled to continue to serving this client in its mission to create quality affordable housing opportunities within the state.

Willow Way was named after the willow tree as a symbol that represents roots, strength, hope and growth. “People who have been homeless have often faced trauma and extreme challenges,” said Suny Lay Chang, Linc Housing president and COO. “We want our new residents to put down roots and grow their lives in the direction of their dreams. Not only will Willow Way provide a roof over their heads, it will also be a place for healing and health as our team provides the support needed for residents to get back on their feet.”


Linc Housing, Willow Way