Cupertino Library Expansion

The much needed new space will allow the library to fulfill its mission of encouraging life-long learning and self-improvement. The expanded library will connect the beloved Memorial Grove to a new courtyard, and physically establish a center for the library.

Griffin was recently selected to provide the City of Cupertino PMCM services for the expansion of the 54,000 SF existing library that is the second largest in the district.

This project is envisioned to be a two-story addition at the southern end of the building. The existing 1,175 SF single story Children’s Book area will be demolished and replaced with a new 5,626 SF two-story addition that will connect to the existing structure.

In addition, this project will expand the size of the existing Story Room and will create a multi-purpose Program Room. The new Program Room can be partitioned into smaller rooms allowing for simultaneous use of the rooms by multiple users. Additional features include:


Cupertino Library Expansion