Marguerite Aquatics Complex Brings Home Aquatics International 2019 Dream Design Award

July 30, 2019 By Rebecca Robledo, Aquatics International

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Like the athletes it nurtures, this competition and training complex towers above the rest with high-tech features and seamless integration.

This isn’t just any competition pool/training center. It houses one of the nation’s largest swimming/diving clubs — the Mission Viejo Nadadores, near San Diego. Known for originating Olympic-level swimmers and divers, the club wanted a renovation to raise the facility’s caliber.

The center includes a 50-meter pool and shallow warm-up pool — both used for learn-to-swim and open recreation when not used to hone future Olympians.

The team elevated it another level by adding the only dive tower in Southern California qualified for synchronized diving competitions, at 45 feet tall.

Dryland training areas, a spa, grandstands, score boards, sound systems, closed-circuit televisions and meet-management systems rounded out the renovation.

The scoreboard serves double duty: It serves both swimming and diving, plus facilitates movie events, set in full view from both the big pool and shaded grandstands.

The stone used to veneer the dive tower and other features throughout the complex blend with nearby city buildings. Photos and artistic depictions honor the club athletes who brought home 20 Olympic medals, 148 national championships and set various records.

Energy-conserving features include high-efficiency motors with variable-speed drives, state-of-the-art condensing pool boilers that increase heating efficiency by up to 16%. To avoid wasting the 2 million gallons of water in the existing pools, the team neutralized it and drained it to a nearby creek, to be captured and pumped to a reclaimed water-treatment plant, where it would be prepared for use in irrigation.


Photo Credit: David Haigh/KayJen Images


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