Employee Feature: Hernan Munayco

February 5, 2021

- Griffin

At Griffin Structures, we value the experiences of our employees. These features allow us to share the unique ideas, stories, and perspectives of the people who make our thriving community truly special. This feature highlights the experience of Hernan Munayco, Vice President, Program, and Construction Manager.

1. What is Hernan Munayco’s story and how did he come to join Griffin Structures?

My path to construction came via architecture. The summer before graduating from architecture school, I experienced construction for the first time while designing a series of residential projects in Venice, Italy. Many of these large homes had high-end design details, which allowed me to work closely with seasoned builders. The things I learned and the team I worked with were inspiring. Early in my career, I transitioned from design and construction, evolving into larger private and public projects, including residential high rise and significant educational buildings. My passion for this field derives from the impact that design and building have on the community. I appreciate Griffin Structure’s work in the public project types they are involved in. I am excited to be part of these efforts and work closely with our Clients on realizing their projects successfully.

2. How would you best describe the Griffin Structures culture?

Given the nature of our work, I appreciate the sense of empowerment that comes with working closely with the client. A humbly sized firm, the tailored services and relationships we establish with each client are crucial. I feel that each member of our team contributes to the company’s overall success and growth. Each team member possesses a high level of professionalism and skill, allowing us to stand out from many competitors. Internally, I have enjoyed working with many of my colleagues and appreciate their guidance and support as we navigate through each project. Questions are encouraged at Griffin and are met with constructive feedback and cooperative discussion. In turn, with each new professional we add to the team, I look forward to contributing my assistance and mentorship to our community as they continue to develop and thrive alongside our team’s passionate members.

3. What are the most unique aspects of our industry?

Given my architectural background, my passion is translated to the overall process that comes with building in 2021. Each project never ceases to amaze, tell a story, or teach a valuable lesson. Though our industry’s environment is very technical, the root of our work is founded on working with others. From the initial design concept formulated in someone’s mind, translated to plans and specifications, to the overall teamwork of uniquely talented people – I admire what we do. Regardless of the trials and tribulations encountered along the way, the public’s appreciation on opening day makes it all worthwhile.

4. When you think of quality Client service, what comes to mind?

My attitude is that without our Clients, none of what we do is possible. Therefore, establishing exceptional relationships and anticipating and addressing potential concerns in a proactive manner is crucial. Although the project’s overall success is our primary objective, encouraging and facilitating an enjoyable project experience for our Clients is also incredibly important to us. Our Clients look to us to provide solutions, confidence, support, understanding, and trust to provide a quality product once the dust settles.

5. Looking back at your career, what is one memory that stands out to you the most?

I feel fortunate to have worked on a variety of projects throughout my career. One project which I remember fondly was a charter school building undergoing design from a very well-known architect. He had successfully designed several projects in the past, but this charter school building would be his most significant in terms of size, scope, and sustainability goals. This sustainable facility was set to accomplish incredible goals in terms of performance and featured a main façade with over 600 solar panels. When all was said and done, this incredible project became a billboard for sustainable design in the immediate area and motivation for current, past, and future architects throughout the country. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked on such an ambitious project and to have watched this story unfold first-hand.

Hernan Munayco
Vice President, Program & Construction Manager