April 7, 2020

Unprecedented and troubling times. Shuttered businesses, isolated workers, home-bound families, vacant parks, playgrounds and streets, empty community centers… The list goes on. But Griffin Structures, Inc. project construction sites are still active and together we continue to manage these essential services projects…. your projects… while keeping a key part of the overall workforce on payrolls.

As our firm continues to monitor and proactively address the spread of COVID-19 related A/E/C environment, we have expanded our services to assist our clients through these challenging times.

    • Building Conversion Assessments
    • Emergency Response Facilities
    • Transitional & Supportive Housing Facilities
    • COVID-19 Job Site Safety Inspections
    • Budget Assessments & Schedule Delivery
    • Post COVID-19 Space Needs Assessments

Griffin Structures is of course following all CDC recommendations, protocols and guidelines, as we seek to continually to bring to all of our projects the best management practices, we have been known for over these past 40 years of continuous operations. Our overriding goal is to keep your projects moving, which in turn is helping to slowly but surely bring us all back to “normal”.

We are especially grateful to you, our clients, and to our business partners as well as to the many public service organizations which support us all every day in countless ways. Local and national health and safety resources and their informative guidelines and their recommended best practices to conduct safe and healthy workplaces have been invaluable in creating and implementing the protective programs we have put in place.

As we continue to protect your investment in your current projects, we are also maintaining a keen eye on the future. We have always taken great pride in Griffin Structures’ reputation as being a nimble, adaptable and service-driven organization, and we are constantly seeking the best means and methods to anticipate, assess and resolve all challenges and issues as they may arise. We have put in place the latest technologies, are implementing progressive project delivery methods and protocols to reflect the current business climate and capital sources. Our project and construction management teams are fully prepared to address this changing landscape.

Fortunately, we have a long history in, and experience with, addressing facility conversions of many kinds. In addition to our ongoing core business practices, we expect to soon be engaged in both temporary and long-term repurposing of community facilities for post – COVID services and to meet local community residents’ needs. To meet these new requirements and responsibilities, we have prepared and are implementing a wide-ranging collection of professional services related to the adaptive repurposing of public and private sector facilities. Other Griffin team members are already actively and creatively engaged in such areas transitional and affordable housing, facility health assessment services and consulting on how existing facilities can adapt to meet present and future mandates.

Above all, we remain fully optimistic as to our collective future together. The economic strength and resilience of our communities will prevail, innovative solutions will be applied, and these difficulties will pass. We do believe that, going forward, things will in fact be different in some ways, the same in others, and rest assured that the services we offer and provide to you will successfully adapt to these changing needs.

Together we will get the job done. Be safe and stay well. Thank you!

With Warm Regards,

Roger Torriero, CEO and Founder