Concept to Keys Delivery

November 17, 2023

- By griffin

Join our President, Jon Hughes, as we delve into a fundamental aspect of our service model – Concept to Keys delivery.

At Griffin Structures, we specialize in simplifying the complex journey of project development, laying a foundation for excellence from day one. From client-specific programming through a collaborative design and comprehensive construction management process, we act as your strategic partner, committed to delivering success at every milestone.

Follow along with us to learn more about Griffin Structures, the services we provide, as well as the wide spectrum of markets where we continue to support client and community visions through innovative Program and Construction Management.


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For 40+ years, Griffin Structures has provided award-winning Program and Construction Management services on hundreds of projects throughout California. The diverse and experienced team at Griffin Structures shares a long history of successful project delivery for virtually every project type. For more detailed information about the Griffin Structures team and career opportunities, visit